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Fandom: SGA/Forever Knight
Pairing: Elizabeth Weir/Det. Nicholas Knight
Summary: Elizabeth A.K.A Erica reminisces on the past.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own Stargate Atlantis or Forever Knight

A/N: I was watching a Forever Knight episode "The Last Act" with my sister last night, the one that Torri Higginson was in and this came to fruition. Here it is, If anyone notices any errors, let me know.

Elizabeth stood silently on the balcony, gaze fixed on the waves hitting the shores of Atlantis. The sunlight, a welcome warmth on her face warming her skin. The wind brushing lightly at the tendrils of her hair. One of the things that she will always be thankful for is the privilege to experience sunlight once again, to be able to watch the sun set and not fearing when it rises. After 500 years walking the earth experiencing the treasures of the darkness, exploring the secrets of the night, the day holds many mysteries, crevasses that she has yet to explore. Now she has a whole new galaxy at her fingertips, myriads of new things to savor.

Of all of her chosen lives, this one is the most freeing, the most enjoyable. She could live out her life as Elizabeth Weir, without fear, live it to its fullest. There have been many lives, many joys but only one brought her a happiness that could almost rival the discovery of the Pegasus galaxy, of walking the illuminated halls of the city of Atlantis. That life so long ago 300 years to be exact, that life was the one she enjoyed in the arms of one memorable lover, Nicholas.

They spent their times acting out plays in the 1400s, the excitement of defying societal norms running through her veins every time she adorned attires meant for men. The freedom that she felt on stage rivaled the experience of translating ancient text on ascension, a dream that she pursues not for herself but for poor Nicholas who so aspires for humanity. At night, after the shows, they would dance together fast and quick. He would sweep her off her feet, making her giddy and joyful. Later, they would make love by candle night, bodies moving sensuously together, passion igniting in their bones, sharing bloody kisses. It was the epitome of vampiric life.

It was a time when she was naïve, carefree, unaware of the hardships that living, truly living brought. She believed the world to be an adventure. She was innocent to the difficulties that humans experienced; everything was a novel and exquisite experience. They would lay together at night, Nick’s head on her breast, and his arms around her waist planning their future together forever.

She always felt a niggling fear of death, that all she loved would be taken from her. It was a moment that she almost lived through that night in the park. The sunlight was painful, burning her with its touch. The smell of her flesh burning, the acid burnt and the acrid, putrid aroma of dying repulsed her and sent her running for shelter. That night she cried blood tears of shame and despair at having failed at the one thing that she could control.

She longed for Nicholas, imagining that the pain of her soul would reach him despite them being so far away. She couldn’t bear going to him, couldn’t possibly live with the disgust that she believed would darken his eyes. After sobbing pathetically on the floor for hours, she resolved a new view on life. She would no longer be a vampire hidden in the darkness, a world apart from the changing times. She may have been caged to live in the darkness but she would no longer allow it to control her.

That night Erika died and Elizabeth Weir was born and worlds of opportunities were hers to explore. She discovered the Stargate Program and the passion that she once possessed for life was rekindled. She discovered her purpose; she no longer was a burden on the world.

Elizabeth caresses her fingers briefly feeling bereft without the heavy weight of the ring that she wore for centuries. The yellow diamond was beautiful and a gift from Nicholas, it was probably worth millions today. Nevertheless the ring was an object of the past, of a life that she left behind.

Nicholas is the only one that she regrets. Not saying goodbye to him is a physical pain that she carries on her heart, a scar on her soul. The fear that he would reject her for her moment of weakness kept her from approaching him; she prefers that he remembers her as she once was. Full of life, full of joy and excitement.

Elizabeth walks back to her office, closing the door on the past for now focusing on the fate of the humans in her care, focusing on the fate of Atlantis. Three wraith hive ships were making their way to Atlantis, intent on destroying what she fought hard to obtain, on trampling on her dream. She seats at her desk, reading the reports that she had been neglecting, occupying the time until the senior staff meeting in an hour, where they would plan their course of action, their plan of attack.
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